RinseKit: The Revolutionary Portable Shower brought to you by engineering mastermind Chris Crawford. I think this is a great new product with endless uses in the outdoor community. How many times have you been on an adventure and wished you could rinse off before getting back in the car or sleeping in the tent? This extremely versatile portable sprayer will easily rinse away sand or mud from your recent fishing trip, bike ride, dive, mud run or dusty hike. Rinse off your gear to keep the car and storage areas clean and take it with you for quick and easy clean up while camping. It’s also great for emergency pet baths or kid clean up when a garden hose is not readily available. The RinseKit holds two gallons of water and is about the size of a small drink cooler, with a convenient carrying handle. Better yet- the water is heated and pressurized – with a sprayer that can spray for over five minutes on the stream setting or up to thirty minutes on the mist setting. The RinseKit fills with a hose and a water source and does not have any motors, moving parts or batteries to spray- it’s extremely simple. A small, rechargeable cell is used as a heating element for those cold days. Support the KickStarter campaign now and reserve your very own RinseKit.