Local film production crew Matchstick Productions (MSP) take us Mountain Biking with the Evolution Park Crew in one of their latest videos. The crew of trail builders for Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s Evolution Bike Park take us behind the scenes as they work hard and play hard. The Evolution Park crew quickly developed a strong friendship. They work diligently to keep the extensive single track trails in great shape… then they have a little (or a lot) of fun themselves. As usual, MSP provides us with fantastic imagery as the three guys race through aspens, hop over bumps and crush the downhills. The short film is set to the perfect music for making you want to get out and ride!
If you missed it before, check out MSP’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz last winter. They follow Loki (a wolfdog) and Kelley (his owner) through the Crested Butte back country as they explore. The feature captures the spirit of the mountains and the beauty of a freshly fallen snow in some of our amazing back country settings.
Whether its mountain biking with the Evolution Park crew in the summer or Back country skiing with Loki the wolfdog in the winter, Matchstick Productions  knows exactly how to capture the unique beauty and spirit of our beloved Crested Butte. They also know exactly how to get people pumped up to pack up their gear and head to the outdoors!