This video, Houseguest: Presented by Sotheby’s International Realty, is the first in a four part video series. Sotheby’s International Realty has collaborated with the Wall Street Journal Custom Studios to create this inspirational series. Four influential people are invited as houseguests into four separate homes. In this video, Kevin Red Star, a painter from a small town in Montana visits a New Jersey home, just across the river from the spectacular New York City skyline. He is inspired by the setting in the luxurious home, noting how the light diffuses into ever part of the space. Enormous windows show off miles and miles of the incredible city skyline. Accents of wood, granite and tile in other parts of the home make it truly spectacular. The entrance to the neighborhood and the landscaping are inviting and welcoming. Mr. Red Star imagines that someone who would like this home is someone who enjoys the city life, but wants a retreat to come home to. He describes the building as a work of art and uses his time during his stay to paint a beautiful canvas with a mix of the busy city skyline and clouds that take the shape of peaceful buffalo roaming across the sky. Stay tuned for additional videos in this enlightening series.