Red Lady is Winning Big this Fall

Sunrise on Mt Emmons

Red Lady is Winning Big this Fall

Red Lady is winning big this fall! Ongoing efforts to keep Red Lady (formally known as Mt. Emmons) free of mining seem to have prevailed after over 40 years of controversy. Listen to this KBUT story for details regarding the history of the battle over mining Red Lady as well as current events and a ballot proposal on the topic. It’s certainly not as simple as it seems, but the wheels are in motion to begin constructing a ballot measure which may lead to preventing mining on Red Lady. It looks like steps will finally be taken to protect Mt. Emmons for good!

For a mountain top view of Red Lady herself, check out this video posted by the West Elk Project on a recent foggy day. The imagery is stunning and it’s easy to see exactly why so many locals have defended Red Lady for so long. The towering peak looks over the town of Mt. Crested Butte and is an icon in the local scenery. The video captures the sunrise, a cloud inversion and just a hint of snow on the peaks over 13,000 feet in elevation.

Hopefully all goes well in negotiations and area locals will have the opportunity to vote on the issue soon.

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