In another one of Sothebys International Realty’s Houseguest Series, this Houseguest at a Colorado Ranch is inspired by the vast Colorado Rockies landscape. The short video is worth watching! Living and working in New York City as a Co-owner of a Public Relations and Marketing business, Lois Najarian O’Neill explored this incredible Colorado ranch near Telluride. As you might expect, she notes the extreme contrast between the lights and sounds of the big city with the wide open spaces, the stars and the peacefulness found on this 1400 acre ranch set deep in the Rocky Mountains. She describes arriving on the property as being “like changing planets” and says “when [she] pulled into the property, [she] couldn’t take it in fast enough. It was too much beauty to process.” Lois describes having the option to stay busy all day on the ranch with activities like hiking, riding horses and fishing or just finding a quiet place to relax, think or work. She describes the diversity of the property, with its giant majestic mountains, grassy meadows and valleys. She also mentions the benefits of the rustic home, where you can take in the beauty from several different rooms. Her experience on the Berman Buckskin Ranch included spending some time with a baby horse named Amos and a lesson in fly fishing, with Ranch Manager, John Nelson where she reeled in a big one! Lois clearly feels the magic of the mountains and sees the Telluride ranch as a great place to bring friends, loved ones or business associates to experience it too.
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