Thanks to, we have 5 More Memorable Things To Do in Crested Butte to add to our ever-growing list. October in Crested Butte tends to be a little slower as we transition from fall to winter, but there is still plenty to do in this amazing place. You could hole up in your living room and watch 24/7 election coverage (sounds like fun)… OR you could try some of these off-season friendly activities. First on the list – watch a sunrise. If you haven’t set your alarm early enough to see the sunrise in Crested Butte you are missing out on a magical sight. As the first light touches the peaks surrounding our charming town, the valley lights up in a truly incredible way. Sometimes they shine bright like fire, other times, a warm glow surround the peaks. Every day is little bit different, so even if you have experienced this, go ahead and give it another shot. The show changes daily. Second – befriend a local. Crested Butte is known for its small town charm. We welcome visitors with open arms and love sharing our experiences with newbies. So, don’t be shy. Ask someone in town or on the mountain for advice on what to do in Crested Butte and I’m sure they will be happy to share. Third – hug a tree. Just do it… you know you want to. Fourth – warm up by the fire. Whether you make the fire yourself in one of the many campsites surrounding the area or you hit up a fire pit at the base area, you can’t go wrong warming up to a fire on these chilly evenings. Fifth – hit the river. Gear up and get some fishing in before the temps REALLY drop. If you are new to this sport, check in with one of the many angler shops in town or in Almont.
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