This week there is big news in the ongoing discussion on whether or not to put limits on short term rentals in Crested Butte. From the Crested Butte News: Council Pulls Away from Idea of Limits on Short Term Rentals in Crested Butte. This article recaps the recent town council meeting, which was held on Monday, October 17th. Five council members were present and it was made clear that the Town Council would not impose a limit on Short Term Rentals at this time.
Last summer, a citizens committee was appointed to research the issue and report back. The committee concluded that “the unfettered licensing of short-term rentals at some point is detrimental to the community, housing availability and the culture of Crested Butte.” Since then, the highly controversial issue has been front and center in both official and unofficial discussions around town. The proposal to cap the number of Short Term Rental licenses in town and to make licenses non-transferrable received harsh criticism from local business owners, homeowners, property managers and real estate professionals. The council seemed to be in favor of putting limits on Short-term Rentals in Crested Butte, but there were mixed messages, as many of the council members have short term rental licenses themselves.
While the council will not be imposing a ban at this time, there will be ongoing conversation. There is a special meeting scheduled solely for more questions and discussion on the short term rentals issue. The meeting to discuss short term rentals will be held November 14th at 6pm.
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