Postcard from the Edge: How Skiing Taught Me to Take More Risks
We all like to challenge ourselves everyday however it is sometimes hard to move outside your comfort zone. Skiing is one of those sports that will undoubtedly have you taking risks and teach you the rewards of moving outside of that comfort zone.  Whether you are new to skiing and still mastering the “green” slopes or an expert skier tackling the double black diamond runs, you will face new risks and challenges that might have you thinking twice. The rewarding feeling you get when you take that risk and accomplish something especially challenging makes it all worth it.  So often we are held back by our own fears and insecurities, afraid to take that big risk. Whether it be at work, in our personal lives or facing a new challenge, we will be faced with new risks and challenges. When standing on that ledge deciding whether to “go for it” or turn around and run for the comfort zone, remember that rewarding feeling that comes from taking that big risk and accomplishing something you thought was just too hard or was unattainable. As Claudia Lebenthal would say: “IYLN: It’s Your Level Now”.
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