Montanya Distillers: High Mountain Craft Rum & Cocktails
When you think of Crested Butte Colorado, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Epic skiing? Insane downhill mountain biking? Gorgeous wildflowers? How about Rum? Crested Butte’s almost 9000 ft elevation is a perfect location for distilling medal winning rums.
Montanya’s rum is distilled in Crested Butte, Colorado with only four natural ingredients: non-GMO sugar cane from family farmers in Louisianas, mountain spring water, yeast and a touch of caramelized Rocky Mountain honey. The aging process takes place in American Oak barrels. This is where the magic of the Rocky Mountains comes in, our warm days and cool nights help to extract more flavor from the wood. Montanya’s offers two different rums. Platino – A light rum, aged and then filtered to remove the color making it clear and Oro – A dark rum, aged in fresh Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey barrels giving it a bit more char and oak flavor.
Montanya’s tasting room located at 212 Elk Ave offers an inviting atmosphere, daily tours, tastings, a full rum bar, tasty small plates and award winning fresh cocktails. During the winter ski season and warm summer months, Montanya’s regularly hosts wonderful live music.
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