Inbounds Profile: Crested Butte’s 2,200-Foot Long “Super Lap”
Everyone wants to experience the steeps when they visit Crested Butte Mountain Resort. To do so, you’ll need to put together what locals like to call a great big lap or “super lap”. These laps are roughly 2,200 feet long and start in the mostly alpine, north-facing terrain off of the High Lift, followed by shorter yet very technical lines off of North Face which is a T-bar lift, finished with a run back to the bottom of the base area where you’ll get on the Silver Queen to do it all over again.
Locals such as Will Dujardin, Mark Mikos and Rob Dickinson share some of their favorite laps such as Big Chute, Headwall and The Peak, all accessible from the High Lift which is just below the top of the Silver Queen Lift. Next, head over to the North Face Lift for even more technical terrain such as Spellbound Bowl to Staircase, Phoenix Bowl – with options to the Phoenix Chutes, and Rambo.
While you’re planning your “super laps”, don’t forget to check out Crested Butte’s new CB Extreme App featuring free maps to guide you through Crested Butte’s most extreme terrain.
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