How Romp Skis Crafted The Ultimate One-Quiver Backcountry Tool
More than 200 pairs of skis, 70 pairs of boots and about every pair of backcountry bindings were put through rigorous testing during the 2018 Gear Test Week. (Notice a trend here… Pairs!) One product shined above the rest and on the decent, isn’t a pair at all. This isn’t like the boards that were being tested during Crested Butte’s Board Test Week, which we covered in our last blog, but rather a ground breaking tool from out of this world! Trimmed with Voilé Clips, just one set of pucks and a pair of Dynafit bindings. This is the king of one-quiver skis because, well… it’s really just one ski.
Introducing the Romp Skis Mono a Mono!
Handcrafted high in the Rocky Mountains in historic Crested Butte, Colorado, this ski come with flat camber at its center, heavy tip rocker and and modest rocker at the tail. Testers raved about the Mono a Mono’s agility in various conditions. “It was the grooviest board on the slopes” raves one tester from Bozeman, Montana.  While some testers found that steering the Mono a Mono required more exaggerated hip swagger, others didn’t seem to mind. Romp Skis’ Mona a Mona has high potential to be the 2018 Gear Guide’s Editor’s Choice. One thing for sure – “two isn’t always better than one.”
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