What Would Skiing Be Without Apres Skiing?
Three runs, two beers and a little deck skiing… Does this sound like your day? Perhaps… Or maybe it’s catching first chair, skiing all day and catching last chair at 3:59 for “one last run”. What ever your perfect day of skiing looks like, we all look forward to the “After Ski Aprés”. The French term “Aprés is recognized where ever you are in the world and may be as old as skiing itself. In fact, it’s rumored that the first aprés bar possibly predates the invention of the wheel. An age old tradition of gathering after a day of skiing, usually still wearing all of your ski garb, aprés is a social event not to be missed. “Like a tree falling in the woods, which no one hears, if you go skiing and don’t après ski, did you even go skiing?” Aprés is a time to reflect on your day’s adventures. That epic run or terrifying chute that you made it down that really got your blood racing. Aprés is a time to imbibe with your buddies and flirt with friendly faces. This end of day activity has become almost as much of a business as skiing itself. A good aprés bar will usually be packed shoulder to shoulder at the end of the day, the air filled with laughter and stories of the day’s conquests. Honestly, what would skiing be without aprés skiing?  Read more on the value of after ski aprés from the Jaded Local by following the link at the beginning of this article.
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