Colorado Reinvented by Influx of Young Workers, New Companies
The Tech industry has finally become cool in Colorado. The warm winter days in Denver have lured a new, younger crowd who are drawn here for Denver’s growing tech industry. Colorado ranks second in the nation for economic growth and jobs, largely due to one of the largest population gains and low unemployment rates. To top it off, Colorado also scores in the top 15 for infrastructure, health care and government integrity, all traits that point to Colorado’s economic quality. Colorado’s climate, number of sunny days and endless outdoor activities are a big draw for millennials looking to find work/life balance. Colorado offers a diverse economy which helps it weather the economic downturns like we just came out of. We’re seeing more and more employees of major businesses such as San Francisco based Charles Schwab and Dish Network, who just opened up a new software campus in Denver, migrating to Colorado. Other major companies are following suite and relocating to Denver, adding to the area’s growth. New housing continues to be built with the gorgeous Colorado Rocky Mountains in the backdrop. All in all, Colorado and it’s economy continue to grow. Read more about Colorado’s growing tech industry and influx on young workers here: Colorado Reinvented by Influx of Young Workers, New Companies
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