WATCH: Jonny Moseley Reminds Us ‘SKI BALLET’ Is Just As Awesome In 2017
What is Ski Ballet you might ask? Follow Olympic Gold Medalist Freestyle Skier Jonny Moseley as he takes us down memory lane and shows us the lost athletic art of Ski Ballet.
“Before slopestyle skiing and the X Games, one sub-species of freestyle skiing ruled them all: ski ballet. You heard right—ballet … on skis. In the 1980s, fans flocked to see their favorite skiers put on ski ballet clinics with high-difficulty jumps, flips, twirls and spins—all on skis. The sport was so popular that it even featured as a demonstration sport in the 1992 and 1998 Olympics. But then, it all came crashing down. So what happened? We enlisted the help of Olympic gold medalist and freestyle skier Jonny Moseley and his teacher Bob Howard to get to the bottom of ski ballet’s demise… and its unlikely triumph.”
Ski Ballet had judges. It had costumes. And oh the fans… Skiers didn’t just want to ski downhill, they wanted to ski “fun” and so Ski Ballet was born, making it all the way to the Olympic Games.  See the come back of Ski Ballet here – WATCH: Jonny Moseley Reminds Us ‘SKI BALLET’ Is Just As Awesome In 2017
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