We love getting out into the great outdoors and what better hiking partner then your four legged friend. With the warm summer months soon approaching, now is the time to ensure your furry buddy will be trail ready. Hiking or Backpacking with Your Dog requires a certain amount of preparedness. You will want to condition them slowly to build up their stamina as well as brush up on obedience training and trail etiquette. If you think you are going to want your dog to carry his own pack, finding the right pack and ensuring a proper fit is a must. You’ll want to practice with the pack before heading out on any long hikes, gradually adding more weight as your dog’s stamina increases. Some other things to keep in mind are food and water planning and trail hazards. Remember, your dog’s fuel and water needs will probably increase on long hiking or backpacking trips, especially if he’s the one carrying his own supply. Other thing to consider or watch out for are over heating, toxic plants and water hazards. You might want to consider consulting with your vet prior to hitting the trail to ensure your dog is current on vaccines and is physically fit for the journey. You’ve got your gear all ready but how about your dog’s? Some things you might want to look into are booties, nail clippers and a file, a first aid kit, dog towel, and a safety light. Be sure to bring enough food and water, a dish, leash and don’t forget the doggie doo bags. Hiking or backpacking with your dog is fun and rewarding. Be sure to take the proper steps to be ready for your next wilderness adventure.