School of Rocks
We’re just wrapping up graduation season and many young adults are getting ready to start a new chapter in life as they head off to college this fall. A lot of thought and consideration goes into which college they ultimately pick. Family ties, cost, courses offered, class sizes, the professors etc… But almost as important as all of these should be the location of the college. While academics is a big consideration, one’s play time should also be at the top of the list. Where’s the nearest hiking? Climbing? Rafting? Mountain biking? Finding activities to stimulate ones passions is as important as stimulating ones mind. Elevation Outdoor Magazine recently asked their readers to choose the best outdoor-focused colleges in the Rocky Mountains West – the School of Rocks. No surprise to us, Western State Colorado University made the top of the list hands down. Located in the heart of Gunnison County with Crested Butte in its backyard, WSCU has everything an outdoor loving student needs. Mountains, streams, rivers, rocks and more call to students from across the entire country. It’s the school’s dedication to outdoor programs, education and preservation that catapult WSCU to the top of the list as best outdoor-focused colleges. For more information on WSCU and the runner-ups, read School of Rocks.
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