Mountain Bikers Tips For Beginners
Summer is starting to wind down here in Crested Butte but there is still plenty of great riding as we head into early fall. The trails will be less crowded making this a great time of year for mountain biking, especially for beginners. Whether you’re new to biking or have some previous experience, these Mountain Bikers Tips For Beginners will help you with learning the techniques required when mountain biking. Tips on proper seat adjustment and position will help you achieve maximum power when climbing, and more control on the decent.  It will also help you achieve correct body positioning going both uphill and downhill. For example, you will need to adjust your seat height depending on if you are climbing or descending. Tips on breaking are also really helpful as it’s important to break at the right time and using just the right amount as you make your turns. And of course, tips on falling off. No one likes to fall while biking but it’s bound to happen at some point. There are some important tips to help protect you in the event of a fall, including keeping your arms tucked in and most importantly, have a properly fitting helmet. Check out the rest of the Mountain Bikers Tips For Beginners and be ready to hit the trails this weekend!
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