Car Camping Is On The Rise
It seems we all have busy, hectic schedules these days so when the weekend comes, we don’t always have a lot of time to plan an elaborate backpacking trip. Perhaps that’s why Car Camping Is On The Rise. You don’t need to take a three day weekend or a lot of expensive gear, just your car. Car camping allows you the freedom of spur-of-the-moment camping trips. No real planning, just throw in some basic gear and hit the road to the mountains.
Now when most of us think of car camping, we think of a good sized van with with stoves, benches and lots of space. You can car camp out of most any decent sized car however. You don’t need a big old van to camp comfortably. Heck you don’t even necessarily need an SUV, although they are a bit more roomy and will definitely be more comfortable. The key is to check out your seats, figure out which ones lay flat and how you can best lay comfortably in your car.
When car camping, the road is your oyster. There are plenty of places you can pull off and camp. Just be sure to be aware of no-parking zones, tow-away zones, private property and any sections of road that don’t allow for you to pull far enough away from traffic. If you’re traveling in BLM or National Forest Land, you can pull off almost anywhere and camp. The key to car camping is being organized. Keeping your gear organized in plastic bins or baskets will make your car camping experience a breeze not to mention, save you precious space.
Be sure to bring plenty of water. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll go through your water supply when you’re drinking, cooking and cleaning up with it. It’s suggested one should have at least 3 gallons of water per night of camping (or more if there’s more than one of you). Food storage is also another big concern. As we know, living here in the Gunnison Valley, we’re in bear country. If you think you’re safe from bears in your car, think again. Bears can smell the smallest amounts of food from miles away and can break into a car like it’s no big thing. Just like when backpacking, bear proof containers hung from a tree at least 30 feet from your car is your safest bet.
Other things to be sure to pack in your car camping gear box is a first aid kit and trash bags. It’s always good to be prepared for injury when camping and most importantly, you want to Leave No Trace. Pack out what you pack in. So the next time you want to get away on the weekend, pack up the car and hit the road.
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