CBFPD Names Corey Dwan Employer Of The Year ~
Corey Dwan has been named the Crested Butte Fire Protection District (CBFPD) 2017 “Employer Of The Year”. Corey is recognized for his contribution to the community and local Emergency Services by allowing his one and only employee to be “On Call” and available to respond to emergencies during the work day. For a small, volunteer department, employers who are willing to let their employees take volunteer shifts during work hours is instrumental in providing adequate emergency services to the community.
Corey’s Office Assistant Erin Croke-Renfro is a 6 year volunteer Firefighter and EMT with the Crested Butte Fire & EMS Volunteer Squad and Crested Butte Fire Protection District. “It’s hard finding full time work where your employer will let you just up and leave when the tones drop” says Erin who has worked for Corey since February 2017. “During the busy ski season, we can get upwards of 3 calls a day, taking an employee out of the office or off a job for several hours at a time.”
Corey was recognized at the Annual Crested Butte Fire Protection District Banquet on December 2nd, 2017 with an award and certificate, recognizing his contribution to not only the Crested Butte Fire Protection District but the entire Crested Butte community.
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