Jim “Deli” Schmidt Wins Fourth Term As Mayor Of Crested Butte ~
It’s official. After the great 2017 Runoff Election with candidate Chris Ladoulis, Jim “Deli” Schmidt Wins Fourth Term As Mayor Of Crested Butte. The runoff election came after neither candidate received 50% of the vote in a four man race last month. The runoff election concluded Tuesday December 19th in another very close race with Jim Schmidt receiving 276 votes and Chris Ladoulis receiving 243 votes.
“I am very happy that this seemingly unending process is over,” said Jim “Deli” who visited Kochevar’s Saloon for the traditional victory beer after the results were announced. “It’s time to dig in and get to work. I want to thank Chris for running a great campaign.”
While a runoff election is pretty rare, things went rather smoothly according to Lynelle Stanford the Crested Butte Town Clerk. “It was a mail ballot election, so the period of time for receiving ballots was spread out over a couple of weeks.” The election judges started working on Friday afternoon, establishing their process and sorting envelopes to make sure each voter met criteria.
Jim Schmidt, who has served as the mayor of Crested Butte three times in the past and has spent decades on the Town Council, will be sworn in before the January 8th meeting.
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