How to Prevent Freezing Pipes ~
With a cold front moving into the Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley, residents can expect single digit night time temperatures over the next week. Here are some tips on How to Prevent Freezing Pipes. Frozen plumbing pipes can burst causing flooding and damage to your home and belongings. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, no one wants to have to deal with a burst pipe.
Depending on the location, some pipes are more prone to freezing than others. Pipes that are located in exterior walls, pipes that are in unheated areas of your home, and any plumbing located on the exterior of your home are all at risk of freezing. That garden hose that you forgot to roll up and put away can actually cause more damage than a busted hose by damaging or bursting the interior pipe. As water freezes it expands, increasing pressure in the entire plumbing system which can lead to a burst pipe down the line. An easy way to prevent damage caused by your garden hose is to simply disconnect your hose, drain, roll it up and stow it away for the season.
If you have interior pipes in an unheated area of your home such as a garage or attic space, you can prevent freezing by wrapping them in an inexpensive pipe foam. For colder areas, a heat tape which can be controlled by a thermostat will keep your plumbing pipes from freezing by turning on at a set temperature.
These are just some tips to prevent your plumbing pipes from freezing. Read more on How to Prevent Freezing Pipes and protect your home from potential water damage.
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