The Airbnb For Affordable Housing is Here ~
As the kids grow up and head off to college or leave home to make their way in the world, parents then find themselves in a house with a bunch of empty rooms. Older adults nowadays often find themselves wondering what to do with all the extra space as well as how to make ends meet with the rising costs of living. This brings us to another potential housing crisis. The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University put out a report showing that by 2035, of one-third of all American head-of-households will be someone over the age of 65.
Recently two graduates of MIT’s master program in urban planning came up with an idea to help ease the high cost of living for aging adults and empty nesters. Noelle Marcus and Rachel Goor started a new Airbnb style business called Nesterly which focuses on pairing younger people who are in need of affordable housing with older adults who charge more affordable prices, as well as help around the house, for the now empty or extra rooms in their house. The Airbnb for affordable housing is here.
Nesterly is currently operating in partnership with the City of Boston however they are working tirelessly to bring Nesterly to additional cities. Those interested can sign up right now for free through their launch program. It will be interesting to see how this idea grows and how well it is accepted as we see more and more empty nesters looking to offset the rising costs of living. Affordable housing is a growing issue, not just here in Crested Butte but across the country. Perhaps Nesterly will provide a solution for some.
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