Crested Butte’s ‘Mud Season’ ~ A Great Time to Visit
There are plenty of reasons why one should visit during Crested Butte’s ‘Mud Season’. Though the name ‘Mud Season’ doesn’t sound all that appealing, kind of dirty actually, it can be one of the best times of the year to visit. We have two ‘Mud Seasons’ here, the first after the ski area closes for the season, before town ramps up for summer activities, and the second in the fall before the ski area opens back up for the year.
During Crested Butte’s Spring ‘Mud Season’ the weather starts to get warmer and things slow down considerably reminding us of days past when Crested Butte was just a sleepy little ski town. If you’re looking for a little slower pace, this is a great time to visit. As the peak season ends and demands drop, so do the prices. Often you can find high-end lodging at a fraction of the price you would find during the ski season or busy summer season. The spas are running off-season specials and local shops have their winter gear on sale to make room for incoming summer gear. Though some restaurants close up for the ‘Mud Season’, the ones that remain open offer great happy hour specials and off-season deals.
The Fall ‘Mud Season’ has grown shorter over the years but is also still a great time to visit. Take in the changing of the seasons and beautiful fall foliage while still experiencing all the benefits of visiting during the off-season. Summer gear is on sale, lodging is more affordable and restaurants welcome visitors with great happy hours and off-season menus.
Not only will you find great deals during Crested Butte’s ‘Mud Season’, you’ll pretty much have the run of the town. The streets, shops and restaurants are less crowded, parking is easier to find and you can explore town at your own pace. Not to mention, traffic getting here will be much easier.
Crested Butte’s ‘Mud Season’ is a great time for a family vacation or quick getaway, but it can also be a great time to check out the Crested Butte real estate market. Agents are gearing up for the busy summer selling season and putting together their summer ads making this a great time to list a property. And that means if you’re looking for your dream Crested Butte area property you will see many new listings coming onto the market.
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Photo Credit: Erin Croke