CBMR shares their marketing vision with us and it might not be what you’d think. They’re not boasting perfectly groomed slopes or trying to draw in the typical ski family. Crested Butte Mountain Resort, which was acquired by Vail Resorts last fall, is looking to attract a different kind of visitor. They’re targeting skiers, including families, who are looking for a unique ski experience.

CBMR Vice President and General Manager, Tim Baker, spoke at a recent Crested Butte Town Council meeting. Baker noted that the current ownership “is pushing the envelope in ways the company hasn’t done before. We spent the last year [since purchasing CBMR] trying to listen and learn and we want to share the ‘voice’ we’re trying to put out there. We are tailoring the message to those looking for a Crested Butte experience—and that’s different.” CBMR’s marketing director, Morgan Bast, also spoke outlining the new branding to the council. “The brand position is that this is an untamed destination at the end of the road,” she explained.

The “Be Wild” campaign focuses on those who will appreciate our funky little town. Those looking for a resort unlike the rest. “We want people to come here and enjoy what we have,” Bast told the council. “And that includes certain families and individuals. Not everyone is comfortable with it, but we want to attract those who are.”

While we gear up for another great ski season, we look forward to seeing all our wild friends on the slopes! Read more: CBMR Shares Their Marketing Vision With Town Councils

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