Financial planning is key to being a homeowner or successful investor. After all, real estate is generally one of the largest assets one will hold in their portfolio. With that said, it’s important to protect that asset. While estate planning isn’t always our favorite topic, it is essential in ensuring your wishes are carried out. There are several financial planning and estate planning tools available. Most of us are probably familiar with the purpose of a will but are you familiar with trusts? Much like a will, a living trust is an important legal document that can be a vital tool for planning and ensuring your assets are distributed to your loved ones. A Living Trust is a smart financial planning tool and one you should consider.

Read more on for the benefits of putting your home in a living trust—and what common mistakes to avoid: Why You Should Put Your House In A Living Trust

Financial planning is important to you and your family’s future and it’s never too early or too late to start. If you would like more information or would like to speak with an attorney about creating a Living Trust, you can find a list of local attorneys here. Scroll down the page to “Legal Services”.

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