One of the easiest, fastest ways to transform your home is with vibrant interior paint. Whether you’re looking for a DIY project or are thinking about hiring a professional, few things transform an everyday interior space like carefully chosen paint hues. If you aren’t quite up to choosing colors yourself, reach out to one of the many talented interior designers in Crested Butte such as Lupine Design or the great staff at Mountain Colors Paint Store.

Looking for some inspiration? These plucky residences—from Palm Beach to Pasadena—catch the eye with their vivid, often unexpected doses of color. Explore them all here: The Bold And The Beautiful: 5 Homes With Vibrant Interior Paint

Choosing the right paint color can seem like a huge task. We’ve probably all spent hours rolling on paint just to discover it’s not quite what we had envisioned… If you’re still not sure about picking the right color, or just want to stick to the basics, check out these 7 No-Fail Tips + 1 Thing NOT To Do.

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