There are so many wonderful ways one can make an impact right here in Crested Butte and throughout the Gunnison Valley. The spirit of goodwill has always been strong in these close-knit communities. We’d like to share with you some of our favorite charitable organizations and worthwhile local causes throughout the valley.

Adaptive Sports Center of Crested Butte

Founded in 1987, the Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) of Crested Butte was spearheaded by a small group of locals. Their mission was to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. The programs the ASC provide are inclusive to families and friends as well. They empower participants in their daily lives and have a positive enduring effect on self-efficacy, health, independence and overall well-being. Not only have they made a huge local impact, people come from around the world to participate in their programs. Learn more or donate.

Coal Creek Watershed Coalition (CCWC)

The Coal Creek Watershed Coalition (CCWC) was founded in 2003. This environmental organization works to ‘protect and restore’ the watersheds surrounding Crested Butte. Their work has made a huge local impact as Coal Creek supplies the drinking water for Crested Butte. In 2012, the CCWC expanded their efforts to include the Upper Slate River Watershed. While their mission is to restore and enhance the environmental integrity of our local watersheds, they also support local wildlife habitats. Learn more or donate.

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley (CFGV)

The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley has supported community members throughout the valley over the past 16 years. “Here for Good,” their goal is to strengthen and enrich our communities through engaged philanthropy and collaborative leadership. In addition, they provide thoughtful grantmaking and strategic education. From community grants to scholarships and awards, the CFGV provides people with opportunities they might otherwise not experience. Learn more or donate.

Crested Butte Land Trust

Founded in 1991, the Crested Butte Land Trust works with partners to preserve scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, our ranching heritage, and recreational opportunities forever. The Land Trust has made a huge local impact in Crested Butte and surrounding communities. The protection of our clean waters and healthy habitats is important to our way of life. The Gunnison Valley is a very special place and the Crested Butte Land Trust is here to ensure our quality of life is preserved forever. Learn more or donate.

Crested Butte Mountain Educational Radio (KBUT)

Broadcasting since 1986, Crested Butte Mountain Educational Radio is a community radio station with diverse on-air programming. Additionally, they provide volunteer opportunities for community members as well as ongoing support for local charities and non-profit organizations. Their local impact spans not only Crested Butte but the entire Gunnison Valley. While KBUT provides access to important local news, weather, and emergency information, they also provide a vital link to national and international news. Learn more or donate.

Crested Butte State of Mind

CB State of Mind (CBSOM) is a grassroots organization created by the CB community to reduce the high rate of suicide in Crested Butte. Their mission is to connect the community to resources, education and free counseling scholarships to improve mental wellness, eliminate stigma and lower the rate of suicide in the Gunnison Valley. Together with the community, CB State of Mind is working to address the growing mental health crisis. Learn more or donate.

gO Initiative

The gO Initiative supports youth and athletes of all ages throughout the Gunnison Valley. They provide not only financial support but opportunities to grow both a strong body and mind. With programs offered in Gunnison and Crested Butte, the local impact in our communities has been huge. From creating races and clinics to promoting overall health and wellness, the go Initiative helps athletes of all ages and abilities. In addition, the gO Initiative provides resources necessary to becoming not only a successful athlete, but also a successful member of the community. Learn more or donate.

Gunnison Valley Mentors

A mentoring program started to take hold in Gunnison County in the mid 1980’s. It was from this effort that the Gunnison Valley Mentors eventually formed. In the early years, the focus was on the juvenile justice system. Their local impact over the years has been felt throughout our communities and has continued to grow. In 2006 they served 37 youth. Over time the GVM has shifted their focus to serving children and families. The goal? To become the best mentoring organization in the world. Now, the GVM serves over 325 young people each year. Learn more or donate.

Living Journeys

Living Journeys was founded by Crested Butte locals in 2000. At the time, there was not a non-profit in the valley that worked with cancer. Living Journeys was formed and continues to help individuals and their families in what is a very difficult and most stressful time. While a cancer diagnosis can be extremely scary, Living Journeys provides emotional support programs to help cope with the fear, anxiety and confusion that can follow a diagnosis. In addition to emotional support, they help provide relief from financial stresses as well. Learn more or donate.

Tough Enough To Wear Pink (TETWP)

According to the National Cancer Institute, 49-52 residents of Gunnison County seek treatment for various types of cancer every year. Tough Enough To Wear Pink (TETWP) is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our community in the fight against breast cancer. Though breast cancer is their #1 focus, their programs are now open to people who are diagnosed with any type of cancer. All monies raised assists the residents of Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties; providing support in education, mammograms, ultrasounds and further diagnosis. In addition, TWTWP works with Living Journeys to provide emotional support for patients.  Learn more or donate.


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