RMBL has released their Snow Persistence Forecast Map for 2023. This map was created by Dr. Ian Breckheimer, a research scientist with the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL). The 2022/23 winter was one of the snowiest winters on record for Crested Butte! With data from satellites, real-time measurements, and over 30 years of data from SNOTEL, this map shows predictions of when the snowpack in the valley will (finally) be gone. You’ve gotta love the power of science!

Dr. Ian Breckheimer is a landscape ecologist and research scientist at Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL). His research focuses on how landscapes are adapting to global change. In addition to his mapping of the winter snowpack, Ian’s work also includes field measurements of ecological processes such as plant growth and flowering to their landscape context. This is often done via imagery collected from drones, airplanes, and satellites.

Updated weekly, this map is publicly available here.

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