The snow is finally melting away here in the high country and at a pretty incredible rate. Summer will soon be here which has us all looking forward to outdoor activities and summer gatherings. Outdoor entertaining has taken on a new level of importance over the past few years. During and after the pandemic, many of us found ourselves looking to transform our backyards, gardens, and terraces. From outdoor office spaces to outdoor kitchens and living rooms, the simple landscaped backyards are becoming a thing of the past.

Are you looking to update your outdoor entertaining area this year? Here are 5 Outdoor Entertaining Trends Defining How We’ll Gather Outside in 2023.

    1. Outdoor Kitchens – “With more meals being prepared at home, grilling fans are looking to expand their outdoor cooking options to include a variety of backyard cookers such as griddles, pizza ovens, and even an outdoor air fryer,” says Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design at The Home Depot.”
    2. Large Gathering Spaces – A simple patio set won’t cut it anymore if you really want to entertain outdoors and do it right. To truly bring the party outside, you’ll want to make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit. In addition, you’ll want to create plenty of space to mingle.
    3. Cozy Corners – Though it is important to have a large space for entertaining, it’s just as important to have a quiet corner to get away to. Whether it’s for a break from the party or a place to get away with a book, a quiet corner should be part of your backyard overhaul.
    4. Entertainment For All Guests – When planning your backyard or entertaining space, consider all potential guests; including the kids! Incorporate some fun outdoor games the whole family can enjoy such as tumble towers or croquet.
    5. Balance Entertainment Potential With Practicality – There are so many trends out there when it comes to outdoor entertaining; be sure to pick what best fits your taste and lifestyle. Don’t leave out the landscaping, flowerbeds or garden if those elements are important to you.

Perhaps you’re thinking about transforming your outdoor space into the must-visit neighborhood hangout. Or maybe you simply want a quiet, comfortable backyard oasis. Read more and gain inspiration here: 5 Outdoor Entertaining Trends Defining How We’ll Gather Outside in 2023.

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