Community News - 2016

Sunrise on Mt Emmons

Red Lady is Winning Big this Fall

Red Lady is winning big this fall! Ongoing efforts to keep Red Lady (formally known as Mt. Emmons) free of mining seem to have prevailed after over 40 years of controversy. Listen to this KBUT story for details regarding the history of the battle over mining Red Lady as...

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Mt Crested Butte's oOne Good Weekend is a festival honoring beer, chili, bikes and music

Mt. Crested Butte hosts One Good Weekend

This year Mt. Crested Butte hosts One Good Weekend. The new event adds two days of fun to the existing Mt. Crested Butte Chili and Beer Festival. The weekend long event offers everything a great festival needs – food, drinks, interesting people, music, a great mountain setting and now… mountain biking!...

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